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Ron Jackson and Mike Summerfield who were TWE’s Rally Manager and Route Co-ordinator and assisted Nick Brittan over the past fifteen years to produce 8 major internationally acclaimed marathon events taking over 620 cars and nearly 1,400 people through 70 countries covering over 100,000 kms across the world.

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The events ran three categories:

The Rally is a special stage event with stages timed to the second - fastest man wins! There are groups for pre-1971, pre-1978 and pre-1984 classic cars and one for modern showroom 2wd cars under 2-litres (no forced induction) prepared to FIA Group N specification. International competition licences are required

The Challenge is in three classes - one for pre-78 Classics, one for 4x4 recreational vehicles and the third for other suitable cars. In all classes no competition licence or special vehicle preparation is needed. It runs regularity sections where maintaining an average speed is the aim. The Challenge is a more of a motoring adventure.

Just Touring is for those who wish to cruise at their own pace making whatever stops and diversions they wish each day


TWE’s team of on-event officials were know as “The Redshirts” so called because on the very first event they were uniformed in red shirts. The name given to them stuck and Trans World Motorsports use the same team of officials.

RON JACKSON Rally Manager and on the events runs the HQ office and the results service which provides a daily record of who did what, when and where to the second. An International Clerk of the Course and a previous regional organiser, assistant Clerk of the Course and Chief Results Officer on Britain's round of the FIA World Rally Championship. (GB)

MIKE SUMMERFIELD Route Co-ordinator, Deputy Clerk of the Course and Safety Officer. Amongst his other duties he is responsible for preparing routes and Road Books for the events. One of the great fixers and fettlers in long distance rallying. (GB)

JOHN TREVETHICK An International Clerk of the Course with a wealth of experience in motor sport originally as a rally competitor. Assistant Clerk of Course on Wales Rally GB - Brittans round of the World Rally Championship. Was Clerk of Course on the last four TWE events. (GB)

DICK PEASE Was on all eight TWE event. Organises and officiates on UK events from Club to World Championship level and is Chief Results Officer on Wales Rally GB. Partners Mike Summerfield in the Safety Car. (GB)

CLIFF MAINWARING South Wales Organiser and Assistant Clerk of the Course on Wales Rally GB, Britain's round of the World Rally Championship. A licenced International Clerk of the Course, he has rallied and organised rallies in over 70 countries. (GB)

DARRYL HEYDON Been there, done every event. Competes regularly in rallies. Never been seen with a frown on his face. A great mechanic often been known to peer under a bonnet or the underside of a car and come up with solutions in dire circumstances. (AUS)

GREG HOINVILLE Joined TWE for the Shield of Africa, now a regular and much valued Redshirt. A competitor and event organiser for 20 years in Melbourne. (AUS)

KEITH MORLING Another member of the Melbourne Motorsport mafia. Been in the sport for 40 years as an Event Director in just about every discipline from mud trials to rallies and circuit racing. (AUS)

ANDY TURNBULL Over 30 years as a co-driver on rallies up to and including World Championship level. As an organiser has been Clerk of Course, Timekeeper, Stage Commander and Secretary of the Meeting. Partners Ian Winter on the Challenge. (GB)

COLIN SALKELD Chief Scrutineer, originally a competitor back in the 60's, Stage Commander on the RAC Rally and the man responsible for checking and approving all VIF documents and checking cars before the start. A wealth of knowledge, eagle-eyed, firm but fair. (GB)

IAN WINTER Competitor, Organiser, Marshal and a newspaper photographer by day. Over 35 years in Motorsport with a wealth of experience in rallying, autocross, rallycross and regularities. Deputy Clerk of the Course for the Challenge. (GB)

DAVID FISHER Office Manager on the event HQ team. Project Manager for a large UK building and engineering group, David has over 30 years experience in motorsport particularly on the organisation and administration side. (GB)

RYLAND JAMES Picked up the rallying bug in 1969 and has co-driven on over 500 rallies (including 9 RAC rallies), been Clerk of the Course on numerous rallies, Deputy Regional organiser on Rally GB and prepared gravel notes for Ford and Nissan teams. Currently a leading co-driver in the British Classic Rally championship. Finds rallying a therapeutic break from his profession as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor in West Wales. (GB)

JOHN BUTLER-JENKINS Another Welshman, known to all as "Bow", he has well over 30 years experience in Motorsport particularly as an organiser and has carried out the duties of Clerk of the Course, Secretary of the Meeting, Chief Marshal and Stage Commander & Timekeeper on Rally GB. (GB)

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