24th November 2008 - Safari Challenge announced

TWM links up with the Organisers of the East African Classic Safari Rally to run the Safari Challenge. Read more

6th August 2008 - Trans World Motorsports are still alive and kicking!

Since the unfortunate cancellation of the Trans Europe Rally we have not been pottering around the garden (Mike gardening!! You must be joking). In fact we have been quite busy talking to 3 other events that have asked for our help.

One of the 3 events takes place in the latter half of 2009 and will appeal, in particular, to our Challenge competitors although our Competition category may also find it interesting. It an event we know well, and if our ideas come to fruition we will be there to look after you! Its actually quite an exciting proposition that would be demanding, adventurous and a lot of fun. Details are still being finalised but rest assured that you will know about it only very slightly after we do.

Ron Jackson & Mike Summerfield


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