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Lombard RAC ERally - Dirt 2.0

Countdown to MTC 1

Event Introduction

50 of the finest stages across the UK on Mud, Gravel, Tar and even Snow!
A route simular to the first Lombard RAC ERally but now with over double the mileage.
The Rally goes live at 17:00 UK Time on the 1st June 2020, 6 days of Rallying spread out across a full week!
Entries will be limited to 250

Additional Info

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Just to help speed up the process, please enter your gametag / codemaster name and click register to event. This will then create a results sheet for you on our side. We will be doing results live on the web!
We won't input every stage as the dirt website does that, but we will input the total time at the end of each day to give the overall time for the entire event!
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Live Results

Live Results

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To help speed up the results process and so we know how many people are doing the event, please just add your Gametag / Codemaster Name below, e.g. (M4LLY2012 / JoeMally)

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